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St. Philomena Center

The St. Philomena Center at St. Clement parish is a Confraternity of St. Philomena which is in spiritual union with the Sanctuary in Mugnano del Cardinale, Avellino, Italy. It is an association of prayer and apostolate which invites its members:

  1. To make a commitment to a life lived according to the Gospel of Christ following the example of St. Philomena.
  2. To promote devotion to St. Philomena.
  3. To interest as many people as possible to the apostolic intentions which Pope Leo XIII and Saint Pius X have recommended, promoting them under the patronage of St. Philomena and the Holy Cure of Ar’s.
    • Promotion of the Gospel message in the world of work.
    • Christian education of children and youth.
    • Prayer for vocations and the sanctification of the clergy.

The organization of the Confraternity is made of three types of members:

  1. LITTLE MEMBERS: This section is compromised of children under 14 years of age who are entrusted to the protection of St. Philomena. The little members of St. Philomena, if they wish can do much for the reign of Christ, since prayer is one of the most powerful means to bring about the conversion of the world.
  2. MEMBERS: Those who place themselves under the protection of St. Philomena and unite their prayers and apostolate together with the other members of the Universal ArchConfraternity for the intentions that the Church as entrusted to the Association.
  3. MEMBERS OF THE CORD OF ST. PHILOMENA: These members place themselves in a particular manner under the protection of St. Philomena, or who wish to imitate more the example of the young martyr in the perfect practice of the duties of their state of life. These members, carry as a badge, a white and red Cord which represents the virtues of their patron Saint:
    • WHITE representing Faith, and the purity of virginity.
    • RED representing Charity, and the generosity of martyrdom.

The above information on the Confraternity of St. Philomena has been taken from the pamplet, ‘Saint Philomena’ (The Philomena Controversy) by Rev. Fr. Giovanni Braschi – translated from the Italian the Isaac Joseph Reidy.

The address of the Santuario Santa Filomena is:

83027 Mugnano del Cardinale (Avellino) – Italy